Experience is crucial for the safety and reliability of the operation's outcome. Since the opening in 1996 of his private practice at the Bethesda Hospital, Dr Stoll has been dealing exclusively with the treatment and surgery of spine conditions. Spinal surgery has always been Dr Stoll’s specialism, from his period of working abroad as a clinical and scientific assistant in Australia through to his time as senior physician at the orthopaedic department of the university of Basel.

Since 1996 Dr Stoll has played a key role in building up the spine centre at the Bethesda Hospital together with the neurosurgeon Professor Reinhardt, the rheumatologist Dr Hans Schwarz, the neurologist PD Dr W. Friedli, the anaesthetist Dr M. Schnyder and other doctors. Later this became part of today's "Centre Rheuma Back Pain", ZRRS. There is a close in-house collaboration, with shared reporting and case studies several times a week. This provides for optimal patient care while ensuring the continuing professional training and education of physicians and surgeons.

Dr Stoll publishes on spinal surgery, gives lectures on an international platform and instructs surgeons in the special technologies of spinal surgery. He was and is deeply involved in the development of innovative operational procedures (motion-preserving dynamic stabilisations) in cooperation with the industry. He is committed to sharing his experiences with leading experts in the field of spinal surgery, and maintains an international network. These activities also enable him to collaborate as a member of the Review Board of the science magazine European Spine Journal, one of the leading publications on the subject.

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