Where an operation is indicated it will be performed by Dr Stoll at the Bethesda Hospital, normally assisted by Professor Landolt. This close collaboration is the basis for smooth and safe procedures with a low risk of complications. All pre-operative assessments are conducted by either the general practitioner or a relevant specialist. There will also be a pre-operative consultation with the anaesthetist.

Operations on the spine will be performed on a case by case basis either under a general anaesthetic or under regional lumbar anaesthesia (epidural anaesthesia, spinal anaesthesia).The most frequently treated disorder (narrow vertebral canal, herniated disc) require a decompression of the nerves which is routinely performed using a surgical microscope. In the case of structural defects or instability of the spine, stabilizing procedures will be applied where necessary. These comprise minimal invasive motion preserving techniques such as interspinal stabilisation, stabilisation with screws and where required, spinal fusion. Dynamic, non-fusion, motion preserving procedures are a speciality of Dr Stoll (see: publications, lectures, scientific activities).

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