The practice is part of Bethesda Hospital and we work closely with the departments of radiology, rheumatology, rehabilitation, internal medicine, neurology, anaesthesia, and pain management. In our practice, complex cases are evaluated in collaboration with the neurosurgeon Professor Hans Landolt, thereby ensuring a prompt and concise assessment as well as high safety standards and excellent patient outcomes.

Thomas M. Stoll, MD Prof. Hans Landolt, MD

Operations are performed with a specialized operating assistant, normally Professor Landolt. Post-operative care is multi-disciplinary, which includes medical specialists and physiotherapists. Whenever further expert opinion is required, specialists from other disciplines are brought in for consultations. The hospital's rehabilitation department can be made available if required.

The practice is available for all categories of medical insurance. In principle the patient should be referred to us by a medical practitioner or specialist. Patients with a basic insurance policy may be invoiced separately for additional services.

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